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Tambopata National Reserve and the Beautiful Lake Sandoval

Tambopata National Reserve and the Beautiful Lake Sandoval

It is located in the southeastern zone of Peru, in the lowland rainforest that gives way to the great Amazon, a protected area that is shelter of more than 74 types of reptiles, 1300 of butterflies, 592 birds, 127 amphibians and 103 mammals. It is ranked among one of the top ten biodiversity areas due to its greatest wildlife abundance on the planet, enhancing the practice of Ecotourism that is considered not only a creating source of incomings to the inhabitants of these areas but also raising awareness of how to treat the planet to preserve it.

Ecotourism is a responsible and friendly environmental tourism and here in Tambopata we can show you how to practice it.

The main attraction of the Reserves is perhaps one of the most beautiful jungle lakes throughout the Amazon, Sandoval Lake; it is located 3 hours approx. away from the city of Puerto Maldonado, starting the motor boat ride (40min.) and then reaching the main entrance of this beautiful place. After walking for 1.30 min, along a narrow trail and depending of the weather (from November to April is considered rainy season), we will get to a craft pier to take a rowboat to penetrate in the heart of the Lake itself. From here we will feel joined to nature, and filled with peace and indescribable tranquility during the way where we will be able to appreciate a wide range of birds at first (different colors of Macaws, Parrots, hummingbirds), then we will appreciate a variety of monkeys (spider, Fraile, Titi) and left to last the best, otter families, playful and friendly appearing right to our eyes. The whole route is surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscapes.

You have the option to stay more days close to the Lake if you decide to stay, because it has a number of small shelters that offer varied activities during your stay and also you have the opportunity to take a night walk, where you will appreciate a wide variety of insects and bugs. Along the Lake whose shape is like a “horseshoe” there are some trails to observe birds, mammals and flora. All these activities can be performed from 1 to 4 hours.

If you felt excited  watching the otters, wait till making the trip to see the black caiman, cruise the lake at night, which is the time they go out to eat, so do not panic!, because your guide will always be there. If you are in luck you will also see the mighty Jaguar stalking its prey.

Sandoval Lake and Tambopata Reserve are not only offering an incredible variety of flora and fauna, but also gives you the opportunity to appreciate and value the world in which we live.

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Tambopata National Reserve and the Beautiful Lake Sandoval

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