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Peru Luxury Travel Machu Picchu – Agricultural zone

Peru Luxury Travel Machu Picchu – Agricultural zone

Luxury Machu Picchu is a life experience and a really important part of it is the Agriculture in Machu Picchu, the Agriculture basic for the subsistence of the human population and it has the strength to support all the activities of the human being, without it is almost impossible to do any activity, the agriculture was really important for the Inca empire, they did not just grew crops but also they were breeding different species of crops and even animals, developing new varieties and races by a hybridization process develop by the Incas, still to this day the crops are in use one of them is the “Giant White corn of Cusco” or “Maiz Blanco Gigante del Cusco” or “Paraqay Sara” in Quechua language, which is a breed made by the Incas and registered by the Inca chronicles as Guaman Poma de Ayala.

Luxury Machu Picchu  Agricultural zone

The Peruvian agriculture today is poor if you compare it to the Incan era, the Incas had to cope with the task of an appropriate agricultural exploit on trying to get out the most of the soil and as a consequence they never went hungry as the Incas had everything and an evidence of this is Machu Picchu.

The platforms called “pata pata” in Quechua are “graded terraces” that climbs the hills and mountains in different gradients, the terraces didn’t only create a fertile soil but also fought the erosion of the soil, allows an efficient drainage, they use the water and retains the fertility of the area as the minerals of the soil only sinks down to the next level and accumulate in the ground from one terrace to the other.

In Machu Picchu most of these terraces are directed towards the sun rise so that they can take better advantage of the precious rays of the sun.  There have been special studies over the adaption of species that entered and/or exited the jungle and for this reason the small villages located in the Vilcanota valley have their terraces facing the sun rise so that they can acclimatize to the altitude.

A group of terraces are located at the entrance of Machupicchu, close to the cemetery, placed consecutively to get a better illumination and more sun light. These terraces are rectangular and united by a flight of steps, the last terrace has clear proof of the Inca architecture that used a clay mortar, the houses here have been restored to give an idea of how they were built in those times.

Discover the details of how were build those terraces and which crops were cultivated in there, with Peru Luxury Travel you will have a team that works for you to have the best experience in a luxurious way, in Peru Luxury Travel we are committed to provide the best experience to our very distinguish travelers.

The Agriculture in Machu Picchu is a sample of how develop they were in the art of agriculture, the management of the soil, management of different altitude levels and micro climates, as well as the techniques they use to hybridize species gives us a light of their deep understanding of the agriculture in general, we can see the terraces and the way how are directed towards the sun light, discover the agriculture in Machu Picchu with Peru Luxury Travel.

Do you want to see close this awesome remains?

Peru Luxury Travel Machu Picchu – Agricultural zone

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