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Peru Luxury Travel Lima City of Kings

Peru Luxury Travel Lima City of Kings

Lima City it’s a big and dynamic capital in Latin America, here you will never be left out of activities to enjoy during your vacations to Peru. This never resting city will show you the flavors of Peru; you will taste the amazing Peruvian cuisine, cultural activities and fine architecture filled with urban art; an interesting contrast that you surely enjoy on your next holidays in Lima.

Lima or «Rímac» was an important province of the Inca empire, which is why through all the city we can find remains of the pre-Hispanic city below. Taking a tour in Lima will make you visit Huaca Pucllana, Huaca Huallamarca or Pachacamac citadel, this archeological sites in Lima will help you learn a little more about the extent of the Peruvian culture.  We highly recommend a tailor-made tour in Lima, is an excellent option to personalize your visit and manage your own time schedule.

At the central area of the city the districts of Miraflores, Barranco, San Isidro or the Historic Centre of Lima has the best art expositions of the city. Taking a museum tour in Lima it’s an enriching experience you should not miss on your holidays in Peru, our recommendations are: The Golden Museum of Peru (Museo de Oro del Peru), Larco Museum, Amano Museum among others. Check the luxury museums not to miss in Lima.

The Historic Centre of Lima is full of antique buildings that shows the importance of this capital city, you will visit the Government Palace, Lima’s Cathedral, the main square or «The Plaza de Armas» among other city monuments of big importance. In the Lima City tour you will get to know this traditional and historical neighborhood, we will visit parks and monuments along the well-known «Costa Verde» through the districts of Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos that will dazzle us with their colorful urban art. Other activities that we highly recommend are the tours to Callao, the main seaport of the country, where you can take a walk-through Monumental Callao, visit the Real Felipe military fortress or embark yourself on a luxury yacht trip to the palomino’s islands.

There are many luxury activities to enjoy in Lima, like: Sky Dinner, paragliding at Lima bay, exquisite gastronomic tours, shopping tours and of course, nocturnal life. There is an amazing tour at night that we know you’ll enjoy, the “Water Magic Circuit” or “Circuito Magico del Agua” it’s a group of design water fountains that show an impressive lights and music performance.


PERU LUXURY TRAVEL is able to make your holidays in Lima a luxury experience you won’t forget; you can choose from a complete holiday package to Peru or tailor-made your trip according to your specific needs and requirements. Contact our agents who will be ready to help you choose the best options for your vacation in Peru.

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Peru Luxury Travel Lima City of Kings

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