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Machu Picchu – House of the great priest

Machu Picchu – House of the great priest


The house of the great priest is a precinct probably used by its characteristics as a house of a great priest, for its ending and location towards the sun temple, and all the articles used in it that gives hints about the use of this place in Machu Picchu, to have an exceptional trip to Machu Picchu, Peru Luxury Travel gives you the best options and services.

This is a room made up by two floors with stone thresholds, the second floor of the house of the ornaments has a relation with the Temple of the Sun that didn’t have a roof, they are located at the same level; the ornaments used in the ceremonies or observations were stored here, the ones in charge of looking after these places had their bedrooms under the place.

The functional relation is obvious as there is a place for a bed in the first floor from where the only access to the Sun Temple can be seen as well as the temple of the dead.

Other attached rooms are additional to this function, here lived the wise, the priests and their families who dedicated their lives to study and worship the three elements; water, sun and earth.

What is needed for an awesome trip?, you need a wonderful place and wonderful people, and this trip have the perfect combination of both of them, people trained to provide you with the best service, in one of the wonders of the world, Peru Luxury Travel working for you, in a wonderful place, Peru Luxury Travel gives you the best options to go to Machu Picchu with the top services on your behalf.

The house of the great priest is a place where the priest lived, it’s close to The temple of the sun, it has the two floors with stone thresholds, the artifacts and decoration, and the location shows that was use with a religious purpose.

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Machu Picchu – House of the great priest

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