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Hiram Bingham – portrait of an explorer

Hiram Bingham – portrait of an explorer

Hiram Bingham is the explorer who made known to the world the famous Machu Picchu, previously the people and some explorers knew about the place and even they had some maps, but no one get there to put in value and show it to the world, instead some of them got to the business of stealing history pieces from the place, for that reason Hiram Bingham it’s the explorer who not just made it known to the world but also put in value this new wonder to the enjoyment of the world, Peru Luxury Travel, helps you to discover this place with the top services on your behalf.

Hiram Bingham’s Biography

Bingham was born in Hawaii (Honolulu) and was the son and grandson of the first protestant missionaries of Hawaii. Bingham’s profession was archeologist, historian and explorer.

Hiram Bingham, a controversial man, grandson to protestant missionaries, aviator in the Second World War, Governor of Connecticut, Senator of USA, talented author, father of seven,  to whom we are forever grateful for the contribution he made to Peru and our Incan archaeology, for presenting the world to one of the most visited places of Latin America.

He was a Princeton professor when he began his exploration of South America in which he thanks to a native woman found the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu from which he took 50 000 archeological pieces that were being illegally kept in the University of Yale, claimed for decades by the Peruvian government.

During his journey through the Andes of Venezuela and Colombia he comes to Lima where he communicates with people that tells about the existence of the lost Incan cities in the Peruvian Andes and the magical citadel that can be found in Cusco.

The expedition

The University of Yale and the prestigious National Geographic Society were the sponsors of Bingham’s investigations, we are also thankful for the entities that gave economic help so the project could become reality.

Bingham made Machu Picchu known as one of the archaeological wonders of the world, making it a mecca for tourists. The Inca Trail, also discovered by him, have the one of the most diverse natures and today is known as the most famous adventure circuit of America.

Peru Luxury Travel, has prepared a route for you to enjoy these beautiful places that Hiram Bingham traveled with mules and horses, today you can make it with and exclusive service of a Peru luxury train with the same name as the explorer bringing you to Machu Picchu the wonder.

Hiram Bingham born in Hawaii and with the missionaries heritage, he got an adventurous spirit, archeologist, historian and Professor in Princeton University were He heard about South America, he began his journey through South America, then in Peru in Lima he hears about a Incan citadel in Cusco, with the help of Yale University and the National Geographic Society he starts his journey through the Inca trail with some others in the exploring journey finding with the help of locals and with some others Machu Picchu putting in value it and making it known to the World.

How would you follow Hiram Bingham´s steps towards Machu Picchu?

Hiram Bingham – portrait of an explorer

El Peru y los tours por Machupicchu espero por ti!

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