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Peru Luxury Travel Cruises by the Amazon River

Peru Luxury Travel Cruises by the Amazon River

Among the most visited places on a trip to Peru it is the Peruvian jungle, an amazing natural place loved by domestic and foreign tourists, here is where you can find the Amazon River. This wonderful river is the longest river in the world and its possible to navigate its waters on exclusive cruise ships. Taking a cruise at the amazon is a luxury trip you shouldn’t miss on your vacations to Peru, these cruise ships will provide you with all the comfort and exclusive service on board. So, if you are looking for a unique and exciting experience, we are sure you wont regret visiting the amazon.


Aria Amazon:

Embark yourself on the journey of your dreams on the Aria Amazon, considered by many to be the most luxurious cruise of the Amazon. Offering 16 stunning suites, the upper deck features spacious amenities including jacuzzi, an indoor lounge and bar and an outdoor observation deck, and the best of Peruvian cuisine using local ingredients. The excursions, organized for up to eight people per guide, taking us into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, full of biodiversity, where we can observe manatees, pink dolphins and piranhas, among others.

 Dolphin I:

Takes you one step further on this luxury trip in terms of service, privacy and personal attention. It has 4 large suites, all with private panoramic terraces, 2 of which offer a private Jacuzzi. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow nature to be part of the suite’s natural design. On the upper deck, guests will find a living room, a bar and an entertainment center. The itineraries have been carefully crafted to take advantage of the best of the flora and fauna that the Marañón River and the Ucayali River offers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Dolphin II:

It has 14 spacious suites; they all offer the comfort of world-class accommodation with the spirit of informal and refined elegance. You will find 4 Master Suites, 2 suites that can be interconnected to accommodate families. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of spaces, including the dining room, observation deck, bar, entertainment center and conference room with multimedia equipment and printed materials so you can learn more about the wonderful Peruvian Amazon, a spa that will allow you to immerse yourself in the philosophies and therapies of the rainforest, while surrounded by the lush natural landscapes of the Amazon and a GYM if you need a stretch after your daily jungle excursions.

Planning your Amazon River Cruise

If you love nature and want to enter the heart of the most authentic jungle, dare yourself to take a tour at Amazon Jungle. What comes next is a selection of the best activities that will connect yourself with nature on your Amazon cruise:

Swim with the pink dolphins of the Amazon: Just diving into the waters of the Amazon River is already quite an experience. Feeling the energy of the world’s most flowing river in your skin changes you, reconnects you, in addition you will have the chance to interact with these beautiful and unique animals that inhabits these waters.

Walk the jungle’s hanging bridges. Among the treetops of the Amazon rainforest, there are extensive suspension bridges that allow you to discover the forest from the heights. This journey is magical and full of adrenaline, you will be able to watch many animal species on their natural environment.

Admire the constellations over the Amazonian sky. The night sky of the Amazon surprises our travelers by the number of stars and constellations that it allows us to see. In the wildest nature, the night darkness allows you to admire the stars like nowhere else on the planet.


Minimal and comfortable luggage is the idea, Safari quick-drying clothes or dry cotton, which includes a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and a sweater or coat. Also wear walking shoes or sneakers with good footsteps (jungle trails often have mud, so shoes get wet and dirty), waterproof or plastic poncho. Include insect repellent, medications, toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, binoculars, sandals, and a swimsuit.

PERU LUXURY TRAVEL invites you to enjoy this the magic of our peruvian jungle tours and start the journey to the Amazon River with the help of our agents, they will help you arrange everything you need for this experience to be like no other.


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Peru Luxury Travel Cruises by the Amazon River

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