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To visit one the new worlds wonder you need a day in Machu Picchu with Peru Luxury Travel bringing the secrets in each place which becomes a fest to your senses with all the service beauty that surrounds Machu Picchu, make yourself ready to enjoy a wonderful destination to learn something unique come to enjoy the company of careful choices on your finest trip.

Dear friend, let me suggest you one of the many interesting forms of visiting the city of Machupicchu. I’ve been a traveler on this road for a long time and I’ve seen many people visiting this city, for this I ask you to dedicate one day of your life to get to know Machupicchu which is a day in Machupicchu with Peru Luxury Travel.

I know that you need a couple of days to visit it, get to know it and to completely understand the reason of the city.


We begin our journey on the evening train with destination Aguas Calientes, Machupicchu. Another alternative is to take the train from the station in the village of Ollantaytambo at 4 p.m. after visiting the Sacred Valley of the Inca.

The journey from Cusco to Machupicchu begins in the station of Ollantaytambo (2 hours from Cusco) or Poroy (15 min from Cusco) depending on which train you choose.

There are several different time schedules and trains, the trains are HIRAM BINGHAM, VISTADOME and EXPEDITION, we take the Hiram Bingham Service to our best comfort and enjoyment,  it’s recommended to buy the tickets a couple of months before the trip as many people want to visit Machu Picchu and the spaces runt out quickly.

hiram bingham train

In Ollantaytambo you find the famous city and fortress of Ollantaytambo, built by the Inca Pachacutec in the XV century, from this point you will be able to see the beautiful snowy peaks of the Veronica mountain range during the rest of the route.

Reaching kilometer 82 or the Qoriwayrachina station you find the beginning of the most famous adventure path of America or the “Inca Trail”, with a distance of 35 kilometers you can walk four days, visiting the archaeological sites of Patallaqta, Runkurakay, Sayaqmarca, Phuyupatamarca, latipaia and Wiñayhuayna, finishing in Machupicchu; during this path there are natural sceneries and a flora and fauna of extreme beauty that deserve a special study.

Here after there is the important stop (not a station) of kilometer 104, after crossing a bridge we reach the archaeological site of Chachabamba that is the starting point of the “Sacred path” a name that was taken because it runs parallel with the sacred Vilcanota river that after a five kilometer or three hour walk leads to the archaeological site of Wiñayhuayna, that is one of the most beautiful ones that I know.


At kilometer 107, at the left side of the Vilcanota river you see the dam of the hydropower plant of Machupicchu. Next our train arrives in the village of Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu Pueblo, then after accommodating we immediately direct us to the thermal baths and after dinner, respecting the recommendation of eating and drinking in moderation, we follow the instructions from our guide and go to sleep so we can get up really early and direct us to the enigmatic city of Machupicchu.

The buses begin to departure as early as 5:00 a.m., after breakfast we are the first ones to get to the parking and after a short break we begin the adventure by meeting out with our guide and then trace down the history and architecture of this magnificent city brought to us from the past.

Returning you have two options, we can take the bus that will take us to Aguas Calientes in about 20 minutes or we can use the pedestrian walkway that will take about one hour, a walk that I recommend for the ones that want to enjoy a slow descend, both roads end in front of the station of Puente Ruinas and from there we direct ourselves to the village of Aguas Calientes where we enjoy a lunch before returning to the city of Cusco, boarding the train, you have to be at the station 20 minutes before so you won’t miss it.

If you are thinking of staying longer in Machu Picchu or Aguas Calientes you can visit the Putu Cusi mountain or the Mandor waterfalls or to the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes where you can relax.

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