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Salkantay: An Alternative Trek to Machu Picchu You Should Consider

Salkantay: An Alternative Trek to Machu Picchu You Should Consider

The Salkantay Trek is a marvelous route from Cusco to Machu Picchu and is a great alternative if you can’t take the traditional Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Going on this journey will let you appreciate some of the most beautiful landscapes in Cusco with the snow-covered mountains accompanying your landscape, you’ll get through the Salkantay Pass, with an altitude of 20,574 feet (6,271 meters) above sea level.

Travel width: Peru Luxury Tours 15 Days.

Salkantay Peru Luxury Tours

It presents a unique combination of culture and mystique, proudly preserved by the peruvian people around, this incredible adventure has an extraordinary natural beauty. You will be walking near to one on the highest peaks of the Humantay Mountain and you will have the chance to visit the wonderful Humantay Lake. Salkantay trek is very diverse and rich geographical walk, imagine wlaking with a breathtaking view of the most beautiful mountains in the world and surrounded by the Andean culture and history. The hike along this route offers an incredible diversity of attractions and adventure opportunities not found anywhere else on earth. Wil will get to visit the Cocalmayo hot springs in the middle of the jungle.

Salkantay Peru Luxury Tours

Now if you are thinking that this may not be a Luxury Trip, you are mistaken. You can enjoy luxury services among the route, while you enjoy an exclusive service in the camps, a private cooker, porters that helps you carry your luggage, specialized guides to help you on the way and even a massager if you want the complete luxury experience.

Tips to remember while hiking in Salkantay!

  • The best time to travel is from March to October. Sure, it’s the high season (especially from June to August), but it’s also the dry season. And without a doubt, you will not want to visit this site during the rainy season!
  • Make your reservations for Salkantay Trek and Huayna Picchu entrance with several months in advance, so you can find all the services you need.
  • You must take your passport and a photocopy of it, also we recommend you to store it in a plastic bag in case of rain.
  • There are some biting mosquitoes in Machu Picchu, Santa Teresa and Aguas Calientes, wear long-sleeved shirts use lots of strong insect repellent. Avoid open shoes!
  • Be prepared with sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Some people even get small umbrellas. Feel free to look a little silly, but don’t burn!
  • Take some Peruvian currency to buy bottled water and snacks along the way, as well as to tip the guide, cook and porters.
  • Waterproof and good trekking boots. Good quality and comfortable footwear is essential.

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Salkantay: An Alternative Trek to Machu Picchu You Should Consider

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