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Machu Picchu – Vilcabamba bridge

Machu Picchu – Vilcabamba bridge

Machu Picchu | Perú

Machu Picchu has few access and all of them are very controlled by natural defenses and constructions to protect the city, one of the it’s the Vilcabamba bridge which its towards the are called “the cemetery”, from there is a way going on the mountain with a platform to build a road with the abyss to the side, in this way you find a bridge completed with timbers to allow access, it’s a detachable bridge that could be used to control the access and defend the entrance of an army to the city, it’s difficult to see all the details due to the vegetation covering much of the way, this is an impressive work of engineering combining the human work and nature on a project.

The area called “the cemetery” and the control of the city is limited by platforms and buildings, exactly here is the entrance or exit of the path that leads to the area of the jungle expansion.

This path continues over a platform sustained by a sequence of platforms and then a staircase at the end, this runs through a slight descent of about one kilometer in which the trekker almost doesn’t notice the rugged terrain due to the vegetation and boundaries despite that the road goes over flood barriers whit the bases lost in the abyss.

Suddenly the landscape becomes overwhelming due to the ruggedness and curves of the mountain, from here we can see the path as a thin green thread in the middle of the grey mountain, marked by the vegetation that has grown on the ground, in this curve the path narrows with steps to a point that the constructors saved from the deep abyss, using a wooden bridge. To get to this level they needed to upload small and medium rocks and use stone wedges to fix them at an altitude of about 15 meters in form of steps, in the corresponding level there are gaps to fit in trunks to form a bridge, just as moody as impressive.

Some authors claim that this bridge is a draw bridge or detachable so that the city would be safe from invaders coming from this path, a rather unlikely event as it can only be used by one man with the rest of the troops waiting in line and at the same time the defense could easily withdraw the bridge from the visiting army.

From this bridge the path runs across a natural cut of the mountain, to which it adapted or carved the path, the result is magnificent due to the integration of the man-made work with the nature, thanks to the engineer of the Inca constructors.

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The access to Machu Picchu are hard due to the place where its located with a lot of natural walls that makes almost impossible to arrive to the city if is not by the controlled ways, one of them is the way coming from the back close to the “cemetery area” there is a way carved over the rock in the abyss with a platform and has a narrow way, in the middle of it close to Machu Picchu there is an empty space covered by a detachable bridge built with timber, that could work as a protection against attacking armies traying to take the city, the name of it is the Vilcabamba bridge  which is a jewel of the Inca engineering and work.

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Machu Picchu – Vilcabamba bridge

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