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Machu Picchu Urban zone

Machu Picchu  Urban zone


Machu Picchu is a wonder of the architecture and of the engineering having all the services as water, for human consumption and for agriculture, this jewel is divided in two parts and agricultural zone and a urban zone which also has some divisions inside of this area, the whole complex is settle over a rocky place all worked with terraces and after them the buildings, the urban zone it has beautiful buildings with different purposes, its considered to be a dry moat, with a privilege view of the whole valley.

Machu Picchu has two well defined zones, the urban and the agricultural, both of them are limited by a dry moat that is a natural tectonic fault that runs through the valley and the jungle, to the east is the San Miguel mountain and it directs towards the mountain range of Pumasillo and can be seen through the maze of hills and vegetation. To the east of the dry moat that passes through Machu Picchu forks with the Putucusi mountain and continue between the mountains until it gets lost.

The urban sector is limited by the dry moat. It runs through terraces from the cemetery and reaches the principal gate of the city from here a long set of stairs takes us to the outskirts, this doorway has a system that makes it possible to attach a refutable wooden door, not for defense as it doesn’t really offers any security as the city can be reached through other paths.

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The placement of Machu Picchu gives unique features in the area, Machu Picchu is divided in two areas one is the agricultural zone and the other is the Urban zone, the view from Machu Picchu has a privilege from where you can see the San Miguel Valley and mountain, the urban zone its surrounded by agricultural terraces and a dry moat, inside has buildings with different purposes.

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Machu Picchu  Urban zone

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