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Machu Picchu Tourist Services

Machu Picchu Tourist Services

The touristic services in Machu Picchu town are with a high standard and with variety of services that makes to Aguas Calientes a really good place to enjoy the best services in accommodation, restaurant and transportation services, due to the high amount of visitors, we have 5 star hotels  with world’s best services, starting from the train service we have the Belmond’s luxury services of the Hiram Bingham service giving you a whole experience on your way to Machu Picchu, arriving to a 5 stars hotel in the Sanctuary Lodge Hotel waking up with a striking view of Machu Picchu from your window, and having lunch in a restaurant enjoying the nature beauty of Machu Picchu, you can see in Machu Picchu Town many different options and also for different budgets as well.

Restaurants in Machu Pichu – tourist restaurants in Machu Picchu

Many already know that the Peruvian food is known worldwide due to its variety of stews and unmistakable flavor, for that reason we at Peru Luxury Travel have made a small list over recommended restaurants in Machu Picchu Pueblo so that you can sample the delicious plates that your palate deserve. Among the top restaurants are: Tampu Restaurant at Sanctuary Lodge, QUNUQ Restaurant in Machu Picchu Pueblo, Comedor Inkaterra as well among others of med range restaurants, there are specialized restaurants as meet restaurants, trattorias, Peruvian food, and international.

Hotels in Machu Picchu

There are several options for accommodation, there are 5-star hotels and cheap hostels. The luxurious hotels where the elegance and comfort stands out and with a first-class attention for the demanding travelers. The best hotels in Machu Picchu are Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel, Hatun Inti Boutique Machupicchu, Tierra Viva Cusco Machu Picchu, El MaPi hotel by Inkaterra, Taypikala, among others.

Hostels in Machu Picchu.

If you are looking for something cheap but safe with basic services they will cost you about $50, but to be honest we aren’t recommending them as their services aren’t good, the travelers that opt for these end up disappointed almost every time and for that reason it’s better to pay a bit more to get a better service.

To arrange your trip we have the best services for you, Peru Luxury Travel has the best for your demanding taste, to give you an unforgettable experience.

The services in Machu Picchu are of a good level due to the tourist traffic,  the services in Machu Picchu is diverse starting from quality and economy there a great variety of restaurants for all the pockets, and tastes, we also have great variety in accommodations of great quality to give you rest and comfort, among other services as train services, bus services among others, Machu Picchu has the best offers to relax and enjoy one of the new wonders.

What service would you like to have in your trip to Machu Picchu?

Peru Luxury Travel has a careful choice of services and places to give you the best experience in your staying in Peru and Machu Picchu.

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Machu Picchu Tourist Services

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