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Machu Picchu – Temple of the Sun

Machu Picchu – Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Sun Machu Picchu

The Temple of the Sun has a beauty that is outstanding in the whole citadel, has two floors, the second floor has a beautiful circular wall, every 22th of June has the projection of the sun light in the room, and  it’s believed that was covered by gold.

This room is the most beautiful one for its perfection and symmetry.  It occupies a large and dominating space in the complex of Machu Picchu. This temple has two floors, the first floor is a temple that is located half underground and the second floor has a beautiful half circular wall that is almost perfect with the rocks assembled with an inclination towards its interior.

It has two windows in a trapezoid form and volutes in its four ends, one located further away from the winter solstice (22 June), and the other that is located towards the Sun Gate (Intipunku) that is related to the summer solstice (22 December).  These studies have been able to prove exactly the reason and function of these fenestrations.

To make this observation they have assumed that these windows were covered by a big golden circle that reflected the sun, these solar circles were attached to the volutes that protrude in both windows. If we draw a line through the volutes these form a cross and we get the exact middle where the sun enters the floor of the temple, this way we can follow the sun day to day from both windows.

We should consider that the sun during a period of 182 days, half a solar year, should be measured by the first light that comes in through this opening the 22nd of June, this ray of light has a line that runs parallel with the wall where the window of the snakes is located. With this first mark the 22nd of June we begin with a sequence of daily marks on the floor.

Outside of this solar drum we can see two volutes that aren’t errors in the construction but are there for the winter solstice so that the sun can run faster due to the circular construction.

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The temple of the sun has perfection and symmetry occupying a dominant place in the complex, the first floors it’s a temple and the second floor has a beautiful circular wall, with an inclination towards the interior, it has two windows with trapezoid form, the every winter solstice 22 June, the sun light comes through, its believed that covered with gold that reflected the sun light, with runs parallel to the wall where the window of the snakes its located.

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Machu Picchu – Temple of the Sun

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