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How far in advance should I book?

Although you can book your Galapagos cruise anytime, we generally recommend at least 3-4 months’ notice. Some yachts fill up well before that, especially high-end vessels. Christmas, Spring break, and summer departures are also likely to fill up 6 months in advance or more. Travelers that book early will have a range of yachts from which to select.

Last minute travelers can also be accommodated (sometimes even one week before departure) but may have limited options. For last minute bookings, it helps to be flexible and organized. Your first choice yacht may not be available for your selected dates, but your trip coordinator can recommend some other similar options that would be equally enjoyable. You may be asked to send your registration form and trip payment in right away to secure your spaces, as yachts will usually not place holds for last minute departures.


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