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Is it safe to drink the water and eat the food?

Since Bolivia is still a developing country, travelers still need to develop a common sense approach to travel and diet while visiting Bolivia, especially in more remote areas. Be aware that your body and the organisms living in your digestive system are used to one type of diet and when you travel, your diet changes, so you may experience an upset stomach or worse.

Some people traveling to more developed countries have run into the same problems as people going to Bolivia. In the larger cities and towns food and beverages served in reputable restaurants will generally be safe to eat and drink. If you are not sure, “boil it or peel it” is a safe course of action. In general, it is best to stay with bottled beverages or boiled drinks and maintain yourself hydrated as much as possible, especially in the highlands and the tropics. If you are not sure, either treat it chemically or physically with a quality water filter that kills and removes bacteria and viruses. But, by all means do not think that it is all going to make you ill.

Psychologically you are not helping your body and system and for sure you will be missing out on a culinary spectacle that Bolivia is known for. Experiment and try everything; eat and drink and use common sense. The food and drink of this country are one of the things that what make it so special. Don’t miss out on some delicious local fare just because it looks strange!


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